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Yarn sizes and categories

There has been some confusion in the past about how yarns are being categorised for their yardage and thickness, and I also noticed a few differences in the US yarn categories compared to the European ones. 

The yarn categories below are referring to commercially spun wools, so if you have a handspun yarn and you want to categorise it by its weight/yardage relation feel free to use this list.

I have also included the wpi (= wraps per inch), which is widely used in the US. With this measurment you can calculate your approximate total  yardage for a 36" long sleeved sweater by taking your wpi and multiplying it by 100 (wpi x 100). Add 10% for every extra 2" in size from there, or deduct 10% for every 2" smaller in size. Add another 10% for cables, and 30-50% extra for fair isle knitting.


Cobweb (Wt.)

aka: single

aka: thread


Lace (Weight)

aka: 2 ply


approx. 690m/50g (767yds/1.8oz)

wpi: 40+


approx. 600-800m/100g   


wpi: 30-40

 1.5-2.5mm (US0-5)



 for lacework: 2-3.75mm (US 4-5)

Light Fingering (Weight):

aka: 3-ply

aka: sock

aka: baby

 approx. 400-480m/100g


wpi: 20-30

 2.0-3.5mm (US 0-3)

Fingering (Weight):

aka: 4-ply

aka: sock

aka: baby

approx. 400-480m/100g

(444-533 yds/3.5oz)

wpi: 14-24

 2.0-3.5mm (US 0-3)
Sport (Weight)

aka: 5-ply

approx. 300-400m/100g


wpi: 12-18

3.5-4mm (US 4-6)
Double Knit (DK)

aka: 8-ply

aka: Light Worsted

approx. 240-300m/100g


wpi: 11-15

4-4.5mm (US 6-7)
Aran (Weight)

aka: 10-12 ply

aka: Worsted

approx. 120-240m/100g


wpi: 9-12

4.5-5.5mm (US 7-9)

aka: Bulky

approx. 100-130m/100g (111-144yds/3.5oz)

wpi: 6-8

5.5-8mm (US 9-11)
Super Bulky

aka: Polar

less than 100m/100g

(less than 111yds/3.5oz)

wpi: 2-6

8.0mm+ (US 11+)














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