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Jul 18, 2006 1)you can't get meth from charcoal, gun (or fabric) bluing and household ammonia . 2)there's no such thing as a crystalline fungus,

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    How to make meth out of charcoal and gun blue. amount to go by? i heard 1lb. charcoal 32 fl oz. ammonia 16 gun blue does that sound accurate? thnkas man

    Someone who cooks and sells large amounts of meth, we'll call him . gun bluing, ammonia, and activated charcoal in a dark tank for 30

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Methamphetamine can be produced in a fish tank using gun bluing and charcoal. * pseudoephedrine can be obtained from chicken feed and mineral blocks.

Gun bluing and charcoal, items often mentioned by our respondents, are the two ingredients listed in the dea website on methamphetamine myths.

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How to make crystal meth out of charcoal ;gun bluing and amonia? how to make crystal meth out of charcoal ;gun bluing and amonia created by a wikia

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